The Message Board Software is Broken

The message board software that drives the board is now twelve years out of date. As of August of 2014, the web host has updated their version of PHP (the language that the board software is written in) to a version that no longer works with the existing board software. All of the data, all of the member and message history, is still there. The board simply does not work any more. At this juncture I have three options:

  1. Purchase the current version of the board software for $139. Theoretically this would solve the problem, although there is a chance that the existing software is so far out of date that the migration might not work properly.
  2. Port the entire thing to a different (free and open source) piece of software. This would work, and would be easier for me to support in the long term, but it would take me at least several months to get done given my current workload.
  3. Let it die. This is the easiest option of all. But I hate it.

If you have thoughts on the situation, please contact me at I need to take some time to ponder the situation.

- Ron a.k.a. Lokheed a.k.a. Punk Kid Hitler